Obsessions Over Fad Diets Are Getting Our Nutrition Wrong!

I see people following different approaches to weight loss blindly. Every day someone comes up with a new ‘Dietary approach’ or a new fad diets pops up. There is so much infiltration of information that soon people will forget ‘how to live’, ‘how to nourish’ & even ‘how to eat!’

Although there are so many different approaches to weight loss, obesity continues to grip our country. Everyone seems to be obsessed with identifying the culprits behind weight gain. However, there is no one individual culprit that causes weight gain. There are several millions of components which are responsible for weight gain, ranging from health issues to hereditary issues.

Let’s Rethink Nutrition

While none of the modern weight loss theories are completely wrong, we need to stop thinking of nutrition as an individual component and start thinking of nutrition as a whole.

We need to rethink nutrition. Rather than giving up on certain nutrients, we should direct our approach towards figuring out which nutrient combination will work best for us.

Just like a car, your body also is made up of many complicated components. Thus, your body cannot survive on just protein or just carbs. The human body needs a combination of all the nutritional components.

Rethinking Modern FAD Diets

Atkins, Paleo, and the Keto diet promise quick weight loss, by eliminating carbs from your daily diet and focusing completely on protein intake. Protein takes a longer time to digest and keeps you feeling full for longer. However, while these diets do offer up quick weight loss results, they can also lead to serious health complications. An excess intake of protein can lead to skin problems, low energy levels and even increase your risk of suffering from kidney damage.

The F.U.N Approach to Weight Loss

We follow an ‘eat everything approach.’ Yes, you got that right. We believe that nutrition should be wholesome, that is why we include all the nutritional components in our diet plans.

We formulate a personalized health plan for you, based on your weight loss and health requirements. Our diet plans are healthy, wholesome and tasty. They will provide your body with the nutrients it requires and helps you keep those annoying kilos off!

At F.U.N by Pooja Bhargava, do not only help you lose weight but also help you maintain it for life!

About Pooja Bhargava

Pooja Bhargava is an ACSM (American Council of Sports Medicine) and IIFA (Indian Institute of Fitness Administration) certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant, and Physical Fitness, expert. She has helped numerous people manage their health issues and meet weight-loss and health goals. You can book an appointment by calling 09619940698.

Follow her on https://www.facebook.com/FUNbyPoojaBhargava/ for daily tips on healthy eating and fitness!


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