Weight Loss Journey Made Easy

Trying hard to lose weight but not getting your desired results? Do you feel frustrated because you must give up on your favorite foods? Do not worry, it happens to the best of us.

I have noticed this pattern among many of my clients. They try hard to lose weight, but when they don’t see the expected results on the scale, they lose their motivation and give up. This cycle is a vicious one and it can be quite frustrating for an individual.

Helpful Weight Loss Tips

My advice to all those out there struggling with their weight is this, ‘Just stick on.’   Research has clearly proven that the best results are only achieved when you follow a long-term health regime. At times you may face difficulty in sticking to a plan, but if you try to adapt to the diet you will surely reap its health benefits. Here are some tips to help keep you going!

  • Do not follow a rigid or super strict diet. Eat what you always ate but add in some healthier alternatives.


  • Do not keep long gaps in-between meals, eat at regular timings, and follow a wholesome and healthy diet regime.


  • Cut down on your portion size. Instead of three large meals, eat 6 smaller meals throughout the day.


  • Digestion itself is a calorie burning process. The more you eat, the more your body will lose.


  • Do not set unrealistic weight loss goals for yourself. It is perfectly fine if you lose weight gradually, and at your own pace.

A diet is long-term!

Most people go on a diet for a few weeks or months to achieve their weight loss goals. However, once they have hit that magic number they go back to their regular diet and lifestyle and then wonder how they gained weight so soon!

We need to understand that a diet is not temporary, it is a permanent modification that we need to make to our daily life.  While every diet surely has a start date, the best way to benefit from a diet is to make it long-term.

Food is much more than only counting calories. Food is and should always be cooked to nourish and rejuvenate your body. Fear gives birth to insecurity and only limits your vision. Don’t fear your diet because it will lead you towards a healthier you.

Exercise & Weight Loss

They say that exercise contributes for 20% of your weight loss, while the rest 80% depends on what you eat. So does that mean we should not give importance to exercise? Definitely not! Apart from just calorie burning, exercise releases hormones that help calm you down. This indirectly helps one against stress eating.

Need help?

Consulting a nutritionist will help you understand your own body’s requirements and give you more insights into your health so that you can make the right dietary and lifestyle modifications you require.

Your cultural background, likes and dislikes, allergies or intolerance, time availability to exercise, and even seasonal changes are some of the factors that will always influence you what to eat and how to eat.

A nutritionist is like a health coach, who will assist you to choose the right foods and teach you to make necessary alterations in your diet, as and when needed.

Remember, believe in yourself & you can achieve the impossible. Because the only thing standing between you and good health is You!

The moment we give importance to temporary gains, we are in for a big loss.


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