The Do’s & Don’ts of Losing Weight

While losing weight is never an easy task, by resorting to the right diet and lifestyle guidelines one can learn to lose weight naturally and maintain it! Here are a few do’s and don’ts of losing weight.

The Do’s

  • Consume a wholesome breakfast within an hour after waking up
  • Keep not more than a 2-3-hour gap between meals & eat before you get too hungry
  • Avoid heavy meals before bed & control your portion intake
  • Have a salad or soup before your main meals
  • Make healthy food choices whenever you eat out
  • Drink up to 3 liters of water daily
  • Choose healthy cooking oils such as rice bran, groundnut, mustard or sesame seed oil
  • Season your food dishes with olive oil, lemon juice or herbs instead of sugar-laden sauces
  • Indulge in some form of exercise daily such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling etc.
  • Keep a fixed time for going to bed & waking up
  • Ensure you get as much as 7-8 hours of sleep daily

The Don’ts’s

  • Do not give up on any nutrient completely, be it carbs, protein, or fats
  • Prepare a daily food plan & stick to it
  • While fruits are a healthy snack option, avoid fruits like bananas, custard apples etc.
  • Avoid junk food, as well as processed & packaged food items
  • Do not punish yourself for that one overeating episode
  • Avoid adding table salt in your food & switch to using rock salt, sea salt or pink salt instead
  • Refrain yourself from consuming too much sugar as it only leads to weight gain & interferes with glucose levels
  • Do not consume heavy meals after exercising


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