Monsoon-Healthcare Tips for Children

Monsoons bring with them hope, happiness and joy. However, due to the cold climate and untimely rains, children especially can become more prone to sicknesses and disease such as flu, sore throat, thyphoid etc. But don’t you worry! Here is some expert recommended health advice by health coach and fitness trainer Pooja Bhargava, to keep your children safe this monsoon!

Give your kids boiled water

It is essential that you give your children boiled or purified water to drink. The monsoon rain can act as a carrier of germs and diseases, which can make you, as well as your children very sick. Ensure that you keep boiled or purified water readily available in your house. Also, try and wash your vegetables and fruits with boiled water as well to avoid infections.

Load up on vitamins

Coloured fruits and vegetables are your shield against infectious diseases, and health disorders. Add a load of coloured veggies and fruits, such as capsicum, eggplant, pumpkin etc. to your child’s diet. These foods are loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins which will help boost immunity, help them grow strong and of course keep unwanted sicknesses at bay.

Super soups!

Soups are one of the best foods to have during the rains. While most of us usually crave chaat, bhajis and fried food during the monsoon, the best food to have are hot, yummy and healthy soups. All you need to do is boil some vegetables, add in some spices and serve it up hot! It is an easy and healthy food option to enjoy during the monsoon.

Make them play indoors

Children love playing in the rain. But while splashing around in those dirty puddles may be a whole lot of fun for them it can be very harmful to their health. Stagnant rainwater can become the breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitos and other insects. Therefore, it is better to prevent children from playing outdoors especially when it is raining. You can keep some board games handy to help keep you kids entertained during the evening time.

Simply follow these monsoon healthcare tips, and your kids and you will have a healthy and joyous monsoon!


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