Is A Monotonous Diet Good For You?

Sticking to a diet can be tough when we are surrounded by so many yummy temptations! How many times have you cheated on your diet with a yummy wada pav or a cheesy pizza? I think most of us admit that we have cheated on our diets, not just once but a number of times! But why does it happen? Why do we end up breaking our diets? Well, the answer is a simple yet complex one.

The Good & The Bad

Monotony refers to a lack of variety or interest; a tedious repetition of routine. A monotonous diet refers to one where there is very little change. A person following this kind of a diet usually has their entire day, as well as meals planned out. They follow the same routine every day and consume the same kind of meals, at the same time on a daily basis.

However, following a monotonous diet does have its fair share of benefits. Here are the advantages of following a monotonous diet.

  • Aids quick weight loss
  • Helps with portion control
  • Helps discipline the body
  • Keeps the min pre-occupied

While there are some benefits to be derived from following a monotonous diet, in the long run, this kind of diet is not something you can follow forever. Here are the drawbacks of following a monotonous diet.

  • Can lead to nutritional deficiencies
  • Can leave you feeling demotivation
  • Make you lose interest in food
  • A desire to divert from the diet is increased
  • Intolerance to other foods may develop

Is Your Diet Monotonous?

At times we may be following a monotonous diet but not really be aware of it. If you want to know whether your daily routine is, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have I stopped looking forward to meals?
  2. Am I low on energy levels after meals?
  3. Am I developing an aversion to my all-time favorite foods?
  4. Am I digging into junk more often than before?
  5. Am I feeling irritable at meal times?

If your answer to 3 or more questions was ‘Yes’, then it is possible that you could be caught up in a monotonous diet and lifestyle.

How To Break Free From A Monotonous Diet!

Most of us make the mistake of making our diets too rigid and disciplined. The only time we realize this is after we are in too deep and then we find it difficult to break free from the monotony of our diet.

Let’s learn how to detangle ourselves from this rigid routine. Here are a few easy steps to help you break free from a monotonous diet!

  • Begin by replacing one meal from your daily routine with another one, but keep the calorie intake same
  • Plan ahead for the week, by drawing out a diet chart & include a new variety of healthy meals & food items into them
  • Plan according to the seasonal availability of foods & include a variety of fresh fruits & veggies into your daily diet
  • Have a different green leafy vegetable in your daily menu
  • Try experimenting with your food dishes to spunk up your daily meals
  • Try a bunch of different garnishes such as seeds, nuts & fresh herb seasonings to make your food both tasty & appetizing
  • Add a variety of different proteins in your weekly meals such as chicken, fish, paneer, beans etc.
  • Occasionally enjoy a healthy meal from outside to break the monotony of only eating home cooked food
  • Keep a lookout for new healthy recipes & health foods
  • Join a wellness group or buddy up with a friend & work towards your weight loss & health goals together
  • Maintain a book to track your daily meals, weight loss progress, & new recipes & meal ideas
  • Once in a while substitute raw salads with hot soups or try steamed & stir-fried veggies as well
  • Change your diet plan every fortnight

Listen To Your Body!

Monotony may work for some, while on the other hand, it may not work for others. However, monotony has many different forms. Some of us must have coffee in the morning to wake up. While others insist they need to drink a hot cup of tea to feel fresh in the morning.

As far as this routine is not interfering with your mental or physical health, there is no need to give up on a daily routine. However, if you feel your daily routine and diet has become monotonous simply follow these tips to help get your routine back in order!


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