7 New Year Resolutions for Better Mental Health!

A fresh start, a clean slate, a new year!
The New Year is a wonderful time to leave behind the past and focus on the present. Most new year resolutions tend to revolve around weight loss or achieving other physical goals. However, while striving to achieve better physical health we often do not give importance to our mental health. That is why this year, we have put together 7 New Year resolutions for better mental health!


Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and relax your body. Often our hectic lifestyles can leave us feeling stressed out or worked up. Make meditation a part of your daily routine; it will surely help you feel more relaxed, happy & most importantly less stressed!


This year it’s time to pay attention to what is really important, your health! It’s easy to get caught up with work and responsibilities, but we should not let our health suffer in the bargain. This New Year let’s take the time and effort to eat healthy live well & simply take better care of our bodies.


Dwelling over negative thoughts and emotions can have no fruitful outcome. They simply make us anxious, stressed and bitter. This coming year let us learn to overcome negative thoughts and rise above them. Distracting oneself with work, a hobby or even exercise is an effective way to overcome negative emotions.


Did you know that frequent angry outbursts can have an adverse effect on your health? Research heart problems. This New Year learn to control your anger and emotions, for the sake of your health!


Setting new goals and striving to achieve them is a great New Year resolution. However, it’s equally important to ensure that the goals we set are achievable and realistic. It is important that we do not overachieve or push ourselves beyond our limits, simply for the sake of meeting these goals.


While we may be caught up in our own problems and emotions, it is important to also consider and pay attention to other’s feelings. This coming year let us learn to be more compassionate toward others and be kind in our words, as well as our actions.


While happiness may just be a state of mind as most people believe it to be, it certainly does seem to have a ton of health benefits to offer! Happiness instills a feeling of positiveness within us. Research claims that happy individuals are more likely to have a longer life expectancy and tend to have a stronger immune system as well!


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